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iPhone OS still dominates mobile web; Android on the way up

The latest Mobile Metrics Report from mobile advertising firm AdMob confirms what we've been seeing over the last year or so: the smartphone market largely belongs to Apple and Google from a platform perspective.

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Autotrader iPhone App Launched « Specs, Reviews and Prices ...

28 Mar 10 Autotrader iPhone App Launched. Autotrader iPhone App Autotrader has announced the launch of its own iPhone app in the UK. The Autotrader iPhone app calls for users to take pictures of car license plates. ...

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iPhone Friendly Non-Flash TED Inbound - apps - Gizmodo

Chris Anderson is just please as punch that an iPhone friendly non-Flash version of the TED web page is coming soon. "Videos, comments, ratings. Hurrah!" he says. Hey, me too. Nothing like a little inspiration on the go.

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James Cameron says watching films on an iPhone is "dumb"

At a press conference where he spoke about the April release of the Blu-ray edition of his latest film, James Cameron said watching Avatar on the iPhone would be "dumb." More specifically he said, "I don't feel that I'm making movies ...

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Steve Jobs promises universal inbox for mail app on the iPhone

Steve Jobs sure is putting his iPad through its paces. Over the past 2 weeks, Jobs has been responding to customer emails with unusual frequency, ...
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Screen shots of third-party iPad apps surface, featuring many revamped iPhone ...

Wondering what some third-party iPad apps might look like? The Website Boy Genius Report posted a whole slew of screen shots over the weekend. ...
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Tech Test Drive: Music phones besides iPhone

By CNet.com Many cell phones offer music players, but only a select few really do music well. Everyone knows about the Apple iPhone, but it's not the only ...
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iAd for the iPad (and iPhone/iPod touch)?

Australian Macworld
Rumours abound that Apple is set to unveil a new mobile advertising platform on

Wanted: 1 social game that's fun on iPhone, Facebook, TV

By Jon Swartz, USA TODAY SAN FRANCISCO — Social games on Facebook are hot. But developers in that fast-growing market want more. ...
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