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Dangerous iPhone Bug Is Causing Chaos

Apple is facing another blow to its reputation for security on the iPhone. A flaw in iMessages has been discovered that allows a single message to lock up and potentially crash your handset. And you don't even have to read the message for it to activate. The bug itself is relatively easy to explain.

I need lcd of iPhone 6s

Hello, I want to bye lcd of iPhone 6s I saw 2 types of lcd in site, what's the different between them ? One of them costs about 100$ and another 60$ - iPhone 6s.

BMW wants to punish iPhone owners

BMW is continuing to nickel and dime its customers for Apple CarPlay, and it's about to get worse.

Relax! Your iPhone 6 Isn't About to Shed 40% of Its Performance

Early in the year, two major security exploits came to light known as Spectre and Meltdown. Both Spectre and Meltdown are exploits that can take advantage of the way that many high-performance processors operate in order to extract sensitive data from a user's computing device.

Warning: This link will crash the Messages app on your iPhone

Over the past couple of years, a strange new phenomenon has surfaced that involves links or strings of characters capable of crashing apps and devices. One of the first widely publicized examples came in the form of the “effective power” bug in early 2015. When iPhone users received a certain string of ...

A malicious link being sent around will freeze your iPhone — even if you don't click on it

A software developer discovered a bug that lets anyone send you a malicious link on iMessage that can crash your phone. Because the bug lies in the link preview, it can freeze the iMessage app without you even clicking on it. Called "chaiOS," the bug affects phones running iOS 10 or later.


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Readers Say: Indonesia's Richest; The New iPhone X

OUR GADGETMAN columnist, Ben Sin, though not generally an Apple fan, was bowled over by the iPhone X in his December review ("A New Convert," December). Reader John Fish is no acolyte, writing on Forbes.com that "The iPhone X is a flawed, overrated and overpriced device. Why would I pay ...

Slow iPhone X and iPhone 8 demand will hurt Apple's suppliers, new report claims

Apple's three new iPhones, the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8, aren't as hot as expected, a new report says, and Apple is expected to reduce orders to iPhone parts suppliers for the first quarter of the year. The iPhone maker is yet to share any insights about iPhone X sales, as the handset has ...

iPhone 5s boost help

any information how to boost/clone my phone 5's into something more powerful such as the se or the iPhone 7 or even something simple like storage upgrade camera upgrades battery upgrades - iPhone 5s.

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