What We're Reading: iPhone Loser - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com

Twitter for posterity, iPad ad rates and more on the poor guy who lost the next-gen iPhone top the reading list.

Bits - http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/

How Apple Conceals Prototype iPhones - Iphone 4 - Gizmodo

There's a reason why more people haven't seen the next iPhones before Steve Jobs makes an announcement: They're in disguise.

Gizmodo: Top - http://gizmodo.com/tag/top

Android installed on iPhone - Boing Boing

I've been working on this quietly in the background. ... Hopefully with all this groundwork laid out, we can make Android a real alternative or supplement for iPhone users. Maybe we can finally get Flash. ;). It's in alpha, however, ...

Boing Boing - http://www.boingboing.net/

Google Maps Navigation could come to iPhone, other platforms soon ...

Ooh, goodie! Try as we may, we've yet to really find a (good) free alternative to Google Maps Navigation on the iPhone, and while Navigon's.

Engadget - http://www.engadget.com/

Apple IPhone Captures 72% of Japan Smartphone Market

By Pavel Alpeyev and Yoshinori Eki April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc.'s iPhone shipments to Japan more than doubled in the past year, capturing 72 percent ...
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AT&T Struggles to Add New Users, Looks Beyond iPhone

AT&T said it added the fewest number of subscribers in more than two years, as it continues to rely heavily on the iPhone to draw new customers amid a ...
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Apple iPhone Hacked For Google Android

Programmer David Wong posted an April 21 video on the "Linux on the iPhone" blog demonstrating how Google Android can be booted onto a first-generation ...
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Apple Approves Opera Browser for iPhone - NYTimes.com

Opera said it would give away its Opera Mini browser, which compresses Internet data for faster surfing.

iPhone censorship - Ben Smith - POLITICO.com

Ben Smith's POLITICO.com blog on politics. Includes new political coverage of the White House and elections around the country.

Pod to PC - iPod, iPad, iPhone Transfer to iTunes Software

iPod and iPhone transfer software that copies music, videos, playlists and photos to your computer and into iTunes. Pod to PC works with all iPods and ...

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