It's About Time: Adobe Divests Itself From iPhone OS

Adobe is finally throwing in the towel, saying it will no longer invest in CS5 for Apple's mobile OS. But it shouldn't have taken Adobe this long to realize it wasn't welcome on the iPhone -- the company played a waiting game and it ...

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Android on an iPhone

A member of the iPhone Dev Team, a group of hacker that develop software for jailbreaking iPhone, managed to install Android on a first-generation iPhone. David Wong replaced Apple's bootloader with the open-source OpeniBoot so that he ...

Google Operating System -

Found Footage: Android running on the iPhone

Hacker David "Planetbeing" Wong has posted a video of Google's Linux-based Android OS running via OpeniBoot on the iPhone. Obviously, it's way off of Apple's reservation, but as you can see in the video above, it works very well -- you ...

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Apple's next iPhone: what we know (and what we don't) -- Engadget

digg_url = ''; The iPhone 4G? iPhone 4? iPhone HD? Simply 'iPhone'? There's plenty we.

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Social Gamer Zynga Likes The iPhone - It Just Doesn't Love It Yet

By Tomio Geron Why hasn't Zynga Inc., the social gaming company that is massively popular on Facebook, developed more games for another popular platform, ...

HTC Incredible vs. Apple iPhone 3GS
Does the much-hyped HTC Incredible really live up to its name?

iPhone Paired With Google Android

By Paul McDougall It's not officially sanctioned by Apple, but it turns out the iPhone will run third-party operating systems—including Google Android. ...
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International Markets Crucial for iPhone Growth

International growth played an important part in Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) better than expected quarterly results. The company reported 131% year-over-year ...
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ATandT Boosts iPhone Data, Voice Service in New York

AT&T iPhone customers, particularly in New York, may have recently noticed better service than usual. AT&T announced during its first quarter earnings call ...
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Letterman pokes fun at Gray Powell, iPhone 4G

by Greg Sandoval This is how far the saga of the iPhone 4G has spread into popular culture: talk show host David Letterman doesn't sound like a huge gadget ...
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