iPhone OS 3.0 breaking video out

Last night I received an email from a friend who was irate. He's been using his iPod touch as a portable video solution with a dock and video out cable. The iPod and the cable got along famously until he updated to iPhone OS 3.0.1 OS ...

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The iPhone that ate my travel checklist

I'm a big believer in the travel checklist -- a comprehensive list of both to-do items and stuff to pack. The habit has saved me time and again from the ...

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Redfin Rolls Out iPhone App

Seattle-based Redfin announced today its iPhone app has been approved by Apple and is now available for download. The software lets you search for real ...

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Stir Successfully iPhone-izes FriendFeed

Are you addicted to FriendFeed? Can't get enough of Robert Scoble's incessant posts? Want to keep up with them even when you're on the go? ...

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Roundup: Disney buys Marvel, Beatles royalties, Rockstar on iphone

Yes, you're reading that right. Dark Sector, a game that once sold for $59.99, is now on sale on Amazon for the ridiculous price of 10 cents. ...

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Redfin delivers ridiculously addictive iPhone app

Attention real estate obsessives: Redfin launched what could eventually be the mother of all time-sucking iPhone apps. Announced today (although we swore we ...

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iPhone thieves collared by Jobsian GPS

A trio of blundering brigands have been busted after an iPhone they had stolen betrayed their whereabouts. This tale of technology overcoming uninformed ...

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Student Uses iPhone to Catch Robbery Suspects

By Sabrina Porter An iPhone, Skype, and Google were all it took for one lucky Carnegie Mellon student to catch a group of armed robbers. ...

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Make your time fly faster with World Wars for iphone

by Dong Ngo If you need something to quickly stimulate your brain while waiting for the bus, this 99-cent simple iphone game would do the job

Is AT&T losing its grip on the iPhone?

by Marguerite Reardon Apple's exclusive deal with AT&T to offer the iPhone may end within the year, according to a prediction from fi

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