Apple iPhone Activation Offline on Sunday, May 31? | The iPhone Blog

TiPb just received a tip from inside one of Apple's carrier partners on the memo reproduced below. We can't verify it but are running it just in case anyone.

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Spotify iPhone Application in Action

A few days ago we wrote a quick article about the release of the video for the new Spotify Android App. Today we thought we would post about the other Spotify.

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iPhone used by Japanese school to keep track of students and their ...

If American school children have to resort to some special mosquito ringtone to use cell phones at school, a university in Japan is doing the opposite: giving cell phones to students. And not just any cell phone--the iPhone 3G.

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Compare Online Prices & Reviews On Your iPhone With SnapTell

I don't remember the last time I just barged into a brick and mortar store and purchased something on a whim. I like to research before buying almost anything. -

iPhone App: Star Trek » Webomatica - Entertainment and Tech Digest

Help Captain Kirk command the starship Enterprise through a dangerous deep space mission to blow as many things up as ...

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iPhone Panties for the iPhone Geeks - Specs, reviews and prices.

Normally, one would be looking for accessories or apps as far as their iPhones are concerned. But while you are thinking in that direction, other potential marketing support merchandise such as this iPhone panties are sure to be a ... -

Slacker for BlackBerry updated to version 2, iPhone to follow ...

Posted by Zach Epstein on May 30, 2009 4:00 pm no comments. Filed in BlackBerry, BlackBerry OS, RIM, Software. The winners of our recent Slacker Radio Plus giveaway won't be the only ones excited to learn that Slacker Radio's mobile app ...

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Digital Domain Shooting to Software Stardom on the iphone

By RANDALL STROSS MITCHELL WAITE could think of only one reason that Apple's legal department would leave a voice message last February asking him to call ...

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Palm Pre Gets Mixed Early Review: Not An Apple iPhone Killer

Palm Pre, the smartphone that Palm hopes will revive its ailing fortunes and provide a viable smartphone competitor to Apple's iPhone and Research In ...

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Jerry Seinfeld Disses Blackberry & iPhone Afficionados... | e ...

Jerry Seinfeld Disses Blackberry & iPhone Afficionados… May 30, 2009 · Categories: Interviews, Technology, Video · WP Greet Box icon. Hello there! If you like this blog, please subscribe to the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog RSS ...

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