HD Video Recording: The Next iPhone's Killer Feature?

New features of the next-generation iPhone are being dug up by developers playing around with the iPhone OS 4.0 beta, with recent finds suggesting that the.

Readers back Apple in Flash-on-iPhone dispute

By Galen Gruman Galen Gruman – 7 mins ago San Francisco – Forget about peace in our time. Readers who responded to InfoWorld's online poll have made it ...
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Report: AT&T, Apple Signed 5-Year iPhone Deal

By Kevin McLaughlin, CRN The original iPhone exclusivity deal that AT&T and Apple forged back in 2007 was for a term of five years, according to court ...
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Android tops iPhone in US (no thanks to the Nexus One)

On Monday, Sprint - America's third largest wireless carrier - told Gizmodo it had changed its mind about joining Mountain View's online handset store and ...
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Apple exclusivity with AT&T for the iPhone confirmed at five years

by Sean P.

Android Outsells iPhone in the US

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Remains of the Day: Android Outsells the iPhone Edition ...

Android smartphones outsell the iPhone this quarter, Microsoft make their upcoming online suite Office Web Apps free to the public, and everyone is upset about Facebook's privacy policies.

Lifehacker: digitalvideo, www'bargain... - http://lifehacker.com/tag/digitalvideo/www.bargainholidaybreaks.info/popular

Android Surpasses iPhone's Sales for Q1'2010 - BlackBerry - Gizmodo

NPD Group's smartphone survey* puts total iPhone's sales for the first quarter at 21%. That's third in the ranking. Second position goes, for the first time, to the Android platform, with 28%. El Número Uno belongs to BlackBerry, ...

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360-degree gaming on a projector-equipped iPhone

Our friends at Joystiq found this one -- it's a jailbroken iPhone hooked up to a picoprojector, with the software using the compass and the accelerometer to determine exactly where the projector is aimed. That brings in a fun augmented ...

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iHome+Sleep for iPhone

By Dan Moren Sleep may be one of our most basic needs, but how much do you really think about it? iHome���siHome+Sleep app aims to help you get the best ...
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