On future Macs, iPad, MacBook Air and iPhone

Despite the mass hysteria greeting Google's swathe of product introductions this week, Apple's seeming silence isn't a giant groaning, but the sign of a ...
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Seesmic launches iPhone Twitter client with Evernote integration

By Matthew Miller | May 21, 2010, 10:26am PDT Seesmic is an excellent Twitter application for your desktop and Android device that is now available for your ...
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Google trashes iPhone OS, and it's right (updated 3x)

By Jason D. O'Grady | May 21, 2010, 9:38am PDT Google's Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra took Apple and the iPhone OS to task in his keynote at ...
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Muhammad App Pulled from iPhone Store

Yesterday also marked the removal of an app called iSlam Muhammad from the iPhone App Store. Here's a quick description of the $.99 app: Enjoy violent and ...
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Has the iPhone lost its cool?

Having entered the mobile software market late with its Android offering, Google's initial efforts were a pale imitation of the iPhone OS, a clunky user ...
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Seesmic launches iPhone app

by Lance Whitney With software for the Web, Windows, Android, and the Blackberry already under its belt, Seesmic has unveiled its first app for the iPhone. ...
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Android Gets Facebook Graph API Before the iPhone

Facebook announced new mobile social networking functionality for the Android platform this week. At Google I/O, Google's developer conference, executives routinely ...

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Make: Online : iPhone app & web-controlled soda machine

MAKE subscriber Chris Varenhorst of Cambridge, MA wrote to share his soda machine that can dispense on command via a custom iPhone app as well as through a website. A few months ago I picked up a functioning old...

MAKE Magazine - http://blog.makezine.com/

Chrome Web Store Applies IPhone, Android App Store Model to Web Apps

MugTug's Dark Room, for example, is popular on the iPhone. With so many similarities to the Android Market, which in turn borrowed some of the notions of ...
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Mac eclipsed, iPad closes in on the iPhone

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Beyond attracting consumers via Apple's formidable

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