Verizon iPhone: Apple, Verizon Finally Ready To Join Hands?

The speculations and rumors over the release of an iPhone on Verizon have been going on for quite some time now. A few weeks ago Bloomberg reported that a ...

Millennial: Apple's iPhone displays 55% of smartphone ads

Apple Patent Targets iPhone Thieves, Jailbreakers Too?

An iPhone jailbreak might be considered fair use for owners of the device, but that doesn't mean that Apple is about to quietly go along with the concept of ...

Are the iPhone and iPad killing the world wide web?

"The web is dead. Long live the internet" was the headline for an article by Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff in the latest issue of Wired magazine. ...

Sluggish iPhone 3G: iOS update coming soon?

Facebook for iPhone not playing nice with Jailbreak, fix coming ...

If you read the comments on our Facebook 3.2 and Facebook 3.2.1 posts, you might see that the latest version(s) of the uber-popular social networking app is.TiPb - The #1 iPhone, iPad, and... -

How Many Gadgets Have Your iPhone/Apps Replaced?

Whenever I show my iPhone to someone who has very limited care or information regarding mobile technology, it never gets old hearing them gasp at the reality.iPhone Download Blog -

Will Prior Art Doom Apple's Anti-Theft iPhone Patent?

There's a bit of commotion with a new patent request by Apple over on Slashdot today. The claim is that Apple is creating a new patent to -

For iPod Touch-to-iPhone Conversion, Find a Peel or a tPhone

At least two Chinese companies have created some very special accessories for owners of an iPod Touch who can't afford an iPhone: cases that turn their handheld into a Handheld News and Reviews -

iPhone: the Missing Manual, Fourth Edition - Kansas City infoZine News

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