New death at China iPhone plant

In China a factory worker has died after falling from a high building, the latest in a string of such deaths at the same plant. The man, who was 19, ...
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58% Of iPhone Users Will Upgrade, Analyst Predicts

NEW YORK — Shares of Apple climbed Monday as a Morgan Stanley analyst raised her profit estimates on the iPhone and iPad maker and added the company's stock to the firm's list of "best ideas." Analyst Katy Huberty called Apple's growth ...

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Apple Probably Killing The iPhone 3G

Makes sense: Won't support iPhone OS 4 multitasking, so time to replace it at the low-end of Apple's lineup with something more powerful.

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Is the iPhone Heading to Sprint? ~ Chris Pirillo

Rumors are circulating today, claiming that the iPhone will be heading to Sprint in just a few weeks. Do you feel the rumors are credible?

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iPhone 3G supplies drying up ahead of iPhone HD / 4G

Low iPhone 3G inventories hint at the iPhone HD / 4G launch and the price drop of the iPhone 3GS to $100.

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AT&T will unlock your phone, as long as it's not the iPhone

AT&T has settled a class action lawsuit today that will mean that the carrier must unlock all phones locked to their network as long as customers meet a ...
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Unlock Iphone 3G/3Gs 3.1.3 With Iphonia And get Free Jailbreak

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By Thery Mendez The Ipho

WWDC 2010: Verizon iPhone 4G Release Date by Steve Jobs

Some absorbing belief out of Morgan Stanley today. Katy Huberty has revised her appraisal of the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) banal ambition amount up from $275 per ...
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Should You Feel Guilty Owning an iPhone?

The box that protects Apple's latest creation tells us why we just sacrificed a few hundred dollars for a gadget. The precision of the fit and finish of the ...
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Apple iPhone 3GS price drops to $97 at Walmart

By Andrew Nusca | May 24, 2010, 6:14pm PDT Walmart announced that it will sell the 16GB Apple iPhone 3GS for just $97 with contract. ...
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