DIY Touchscreen Analysis reveals that the iPhone does, while the ...

diytouchscreenanalysis3. The folks over at MOTO Labs (not related to Motorola) demonstrated a DIY yourself technique that allows the average person to easily compare touchscreen performance between multiple handsets. ...

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iTYPE Keyboard for iPhone | Redmond Pie

Due to its killer user interface and ease of use, many iPhone users have been able to at least semi-replace their notebooks or netbooks with their beloved iPhone's. However, right from its inception, easier text entries on the Apple's ...

Redmond Pie -

Palm CEO: "I've never used an iPhone" Boing Boing

Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein says he's never used an iPhone. Interviewer Kara Swisher didn't believe him, but it hardly matters. If it's a joke, he's asking people not to take him seriously. And if it's true, he's asking people not to take ...

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iPhone News Apps Compared | Online Journalism Blog

We're all being told that mobile is the next big thing for news, but what does it mean to have a good mobile news application? Just as an online news site is.

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iPhone, Android Will Take Down 3G Networks

At CES 2010, everyone was excited about tethering their iPhone and Android smartphones to create WiFi hotspots through the 3G connection with various ...

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Hot gadgets at electronics show: wireless charging, iPhone TV, 3-D colour printing

The Canadian Press
LAS VEGAS — At the International Consumer Electronics Show las

iPhone gets a full-size QWERTY keyboard

Now here's how you turn your iPhone into a PC. Ion has two prototype full-size keyboards for the Apple iPhone. As you can see you just dock your iPhone in ...

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Google Nexus One vs Apple iPhone 3GS

AppleInsider has a new article in its series documenting Android vs the iPhone and this time they take a look at Google's Nexus One and compare it to the ...

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Next Gen iPhone getting ready to flash you?

Macgasm (blog)
The rumour mill is suggesting that Apple is looking to add a new feature to the next gener

CES 2010: Palm boss stirs up hornet's nest with iPhone comment

We've been trawling the floors here at CES to find out what new technologies will be vying for our attention over the coming year - but it's not just the ...

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