Verizon mocks Apple's iPhone 4 antenna issue with full-page NYT ad

Apple InsiderBy Sam Oliver

AntennaSys: iPhone 4 'Death Grip' Didn't Drop Calls

In informal tests, antenna consultant Spencer Webb said that he couldn't trace Apple's so-called "death grip" iPhone 4 antenna issues to a dropped call. ...See all stories on this topic »

Apple bans iPhone developer for 'app farm' iTunes hack

By Rob Pegoraro Over the weekend, Apple evicted an obscure developer from its iTunes App Store after a suspicious spike in his releases' popularity. ...See all stories on this topic »

Analyst Cuts Estimate of Apple iPhone Sales | John Paczkowski ...

Here's an anomaly in the otherwise ebullient parade of research notes on Apple lately: An analyst lowering his iPhone sales forecast. Observing that near-term Street estimates on iPhone sales are “likely too aggressive due to inventory ...All Things Digital -

Is AT&T now capping iPhone 4 uploads?

Poor AT&T. A new conspiracy theory is suggesting that AT&T is now capping iPhone 4 upload speeds in multiple cities including: NYC, Central ...MobileCrunch -

devsugar: Understanding iPhone 4 backgrounding

If you're looking for a simple and easy-to-follow introduction to iPhone 4's new backgrounding abilities, head on over to Oliver Drobnik's weblog and check out his latest write-up. You'll find a lovingly crafted graphic that walks you ...The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) -

AppleCare: The iPhone 4 Update Won't Solve the Antenna Problem

AppleCare has confirmed what we already knew: The incoming software update won't fix the iPhone 4's transmission and reception problems. They acknowledged the antenna problem exists, offering the same solution as before: Buy a case or ...Gizmodo -

AT&T iPhone Upload Speeds Drop to A Crawl

Wired NewsBy Ryan Singel AT&T iPhone users have long complained about the speed and reliability of AT&T's network, but

Does your face hang up your iPhone 4?

TECH.BLORGE.comby Michael W.

Apple's Clean Hands May Have Dirtied iPhone 4 Signal

Wired NewsBy Eliot Van Buskirk Apple says there is nothing to see here: The

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