More trouble with the App store: C64 iPhone application pulled

Oh Apple.. you are such a fickle taskmaster when it comes to the App store. On one hand, it's brilliant. On the other ...

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Commodore 64 iPhone App Approved! Removed - Commodore 64 iPhone ...

Update: After finally hitting the app store, the fully-licensed C64 emulator has been yanked after a user workaround made Apple realize that Manomio didn't completely ditch the old-skool BASIC 2.0 interpreter it objected to.

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Where to Find New (and Free) iPhone Apps | Chris Pirillo

Add to iTunes | Add to YouTube | Add to Google | RSS Feed I ran the battery on my iPhone almost completely out while downloading tons of cool free Apps! Do.

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Eleven iPhone games I won't delete

This won't be a detailed review of eleven games. This is a quick list of games that I've found impossible to remove from my iPhone -- some for fun, some for kid entertainment and some just because they are cool to show off. ...

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4 iPhone Apps Promise You'll Never Be Bored, Hungry or Lonely Again

By SCOTT WEBER They are questions that haunt every self respecting city dweller. What am I going to do tonight? What are my friends doing? ...

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China Clears IPhone for Network, Puts Picture Online

The Chinese government has cleared a version of the iPhone to use the country's mobile networks and posted pictures of the handset online, just as carrier ...

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Synology Adds Time Machine, iPhone Support to Disk Station Manager 2.2

Synology announced Tuesday the release of Disk Station Manager 2.2, an update to the Disk Station configuration and management tool that adds support for ...

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AT&T sets Sept. 25 for launch of MMS on iPhone 3G, 3GS

(09-08) 08:58 PDT -- Due to incorrect information provided by AT&T, the Computerworld (US) story "AT&T sets Sept. 25 for launch of MMS on iPhone 3G, ...

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Lack of iPhone SMS character counter frustrates users

A number of iPhone users, including MacNN reader NyxoLyno "Nick" Cangemi, have voiced frustra

Commodore 64 iPhone emulator approved, yanked

by David Martin The Commodore 64 emulator application for iPhone, previously rejected by Apple, was approved for availability in the App Stor

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