PadRacer game rocks, Apple buys Siri, next iPhone to use LG ...

I am really digging the way some iPad games are using the iPhone as controllers. The latest such game is called PadRacer and each player uses the iPhone to.

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The iPhone Can't Quite Handle 9Gs - iPhone - Gizmodo

What happens when you take an iPhone up in an F16 fighter jet for a few dog fights, bringing it up to speeds of 9Gs? The pixels start to melt off the screen. Badass. [Flickr, Thanks, Jason!]

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Remains of the Day: iPhone Tethering on AT&T Still Not Happening ...

There's still no sign of iPhone tethering coming to AT&T, Facebook continues to erode users' expectations of online privacy, and Sony ends up in court for dropping Linux support from the PS3.

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Finder of Lost Next-Generation iPhone Identified [Updated] - Mac ...

Wired reports that it has identified the person who last month found a next-generation iPhone in a Redwood City, California bar and later sold the device to Gizmodo.Brian J. Hogan, a 21-year-old resid.

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The case of the lost iPhone and a sour Apple

Apple has been crowned the third strongest global brand in the world and Steve Jobs seems to be already flexing his new-found extra muscle. ...
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The people involved in sale of lost iPhone revealed

by Greg Sandoval , Steven Musil and Declan McCullagh The saga of the lost prototype iPhone started with a 21-year-old Silicon Valley resident who says he

iPhone Finder Regrets His 'Mistake'

Wired News
By Brian X.

Opera Mini's first iPhone fix doesn't tackle big complaints

by Jessica Dolcourt The fixes, however, are subtle. The most significant one rights a network issue that caused Opera Mini to freeze at start-up. ...
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Apple Reported New IPhone Was Stolen, Prosecutor Says

By Karen Gullo April 29 (Bloomberg) -- An Apple Inc. lawyer told law enforcement officials last week that a prototype iPhone belonging to a company engineer ...
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Google refreshes Image search for Android 2.1 and iPhone

Google has recently done a nice refresh to their Image Search for Android 2.1 devices, as well as the iPhone. Some may say (I don't know who) that Mobile ...
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