Jorge Columbo's iPhone Art - Gearlog

Still swooning over this week's drawn-on-an-iPhone New Yorker cover? Got some empty wall space to fill? Jorge Columbo, the New-York based artist who created the magazine cover with the Brushes app for iPhone, currently has four ...

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iPhone Coder Makes $10000+ From New Yorker Cover (AAPL)

The guy who made the "Brushes" iPhone app -- used to create this week's New Yorker cover -- says sales jumped 40x, virtually overnight.

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Bare Drums Application for iPod Touch and iPhone - Specs, reviews ...

Bare Drums Application for iPod Touch and iPhone. Author: Simon. 28 May. Ethervision, the Chicago based multi-media agency known for its development of online communities and iPhone applications, has just released Bare Drums, ... -

More evidence that iPhone critical to AT&T subscriber growth

A consumer survey that asks about switching mobile carriers shows high interest in AT&T for the month of May. Historical data shows that interest in ...

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Is Zensify The Ultimate Social Web iPhone App? Not Yet & Here's Why

Social web aggregating iPhone app Zensify launched yesterday with a wave of tech blog coverage. Early reviewers were excited not just about the app's ability to display updates ...

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Next Gen iPhone Apple Logo Really Will Light Up? | The iPhone Blog

Looks like some of those super-crazy iPhone 2,1 rumors might not have been so crazy after all. Or, at least, aren't alone in their craziness. After some.

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Review: iBomber for iPhone – Video Games Reviews, Cheats |

May. 28, 2009 - I recently had the opportunity to review a new iPhone/iPod touch game called iBomber. The game puts the player in the role of a World War II bomber and makes. -

DVICE iPhone app — come and get it | DVICE

DVICE iPhone app — come and get it, by Peter Pachal, for DVICE, Part of the SCI FI Online Network.


4 Apps That Turn Your iPhone Into a Canvas - Gadgetwise Blog ...

4 Apps That Turn Your iPhone Into a Canvas. By Roy Furchgott. People have been marveling at the June 1 New Yorker cover illustration, not just because it's a compelling image, but because the artist Jorge Columbo drew it on an iPhone by ...

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The iPhone will have a glowing Apple

Artist's rendition Mea culpa. So I said the iPhone wouldn't light up. It was too tacky. Who wants lights on an iPhone, right? ...

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