Solar-charge your iPhone

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Oh goodie, something else for me to spend money on!

How to Make Money on iPhone Apps

Sure, the marketplace is teaming with competing apps. But there still is tremendous opportunity for scoring big—if you have a great idea. ...

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iPhone App Magnets To Appify Your Fridge

If – like me – your fridge is black, then these shiny iPhone app fridge magnets from Jailbreak Collective will look very smart indeed displayed on the door. ...

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Will the new iPhone 4G come out with support for Verizon?

Wanna read Kindle books on your iPhone (and maybe iPad)? Of course you do~!

by Nicholas Deleon on March 12, 2010 All the Applemarks are excited about the iPad. Not me, but whatever. What I am excited about, though, ...

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Skype Deliberately Crippling Functionality of iPhone and WinMo and ...

Skype Deliberately Crippling Functionality of iPhone and WinMo and Verizon Apps? from the New!-Improved!-Exclusive!-Broken! dept. There's something anti-competitive afoot in the 'VoIP over 3G' space this year. ...

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iPhone OS 4.0 software specs multitasking plans - Computerworld Blogs

Rumor has it that the iPhone OS 4.0 software specs include support for multitasking. Such plans would mean that not only core Apple apps would be runnable in the background. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers have a heated debate. (AAPL)

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Chatroulette! iPhone! App! - Chatroulette iphone app - Gizmodo may be disappointed though. Particularly if you were on the look-out for some manbits.

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A Device to Jailbreak an iPhone Designed

TopNews United States
An electronic engineer is revealed to have designed a hardware device that allegedly manages the jail break

Google's Android Marketplace to unleash a wrath on Apple's iPhone

Mobile Magazine
Early in the mid-70's the first Apple c

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