TechRepublic: US CIOs are starting to warm up to the iPhone

When the Apple iPhone was released in 2007, CIOs and IT departments almost universally rejected it as a device that was not fit for business. ...

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Pac-Man Remix for iPhone

You have to feel bad for Pac-Man. While the other gaming legends have gotten updated games and impressive facelifts to match the times, Pac-Man's best days ...

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Comparing the iPhone and Android Keyboards | Edible Apple

Ignore the code has an interesting comparison of the virtual keyboard as implemented on the iPhone and on the HTC Magic running Android. His.

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Is the iPhone coming to verizon?

But I have been hearing rumors that the iPhone could be offered by Verizon as early as February of next year...

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New and Improved iPhone Remote App is Brilliant - iPhone Hacks

I bought Apple TV more than a year back and have enjoyed renting movies and listening to music. Even though the UI is extremely easy to navigate, the one thing that I hated about it is the remote that comes along with it, it's the same ...

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How I Learned To Quit The iPhone And Love Google Voice

At the end of July I declared my intention to quit the iPhone and AT&T, port my mobile phone number to Google Voice ...

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PalmAddicts: iPhone Apps

I was just going through the App Store and the Commercials for iPhone 3g and I must say there are really apps for just about everything. I recently learned and downloaded the postman app. (I will get back on this...

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Oleophobic Coating on iPhone 3GS

While I was looking at the iPhone 3GS specs on Apple's website I noticed something I hadn't noticed befo

Bank Will Allow Customers to Deposit Checks by iPhone

New York Times
Customers of USAA can photograph both sides of the check, send the images through an app and then void the check.

Komando's Q&A: Turn off iPhone Shake to Shuffle

Question: I recently updated my iPhone 3G. But now, it's skipping songs. It's almost as if someone else is controlling it. What's going on? ...

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