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iPhone 3GS Overheating — DisplayBlog

Some iPhone 3GS owners are experiencing uncomfortably high temperatures. The culprit? The battery.

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Fluent Mobile's New iPhone App—An Elegant, Multi-Source News ...

Ah, the beauties and the pitfalls of the new mobile-software ecosystem. With ready-made distribution platforms like Apple's iTunes App Store, it's possible for.

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NES Controller iPhone 3GS Dock | Geeky Gadgets

We have seen lots of different homemade iPhone docks here on geeky gadgets, like our recycled CD iPhone dock, the latest one is great for all the Nintendo fans out there, and iPhone dock made from an NES Controller.

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iPhone Art Bikes - Bike Hugger

iPhone Art Bikes. user-pic. by DL Byron. June 29, 2009 · 7:56 PM. 0 Vote 0 Votes. iphone_painted_bike1.jpg Matthew Watkins paints with his iPhone. Some of his paintings include bicycles. iphone_painted_bike2.jpg. Photos: Matthew Watkins ...

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iPhone 3GS availability dwindling | iPhonefreak

Remember earlier this week when I posted an article [link] reporting that Apple had posted an online 3GS availabilty database? Back then, only 5 Apple retail.

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iPhone Dev Team: iPhone 3GS jailbreak on ice

Still waiting to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS and enable some cut/paste MMS tethering multi-tasking support? Well, good news! The venerable iPhone Dev Team has a.

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How to Protect Your iPhone / iPod | Chris Pirillo

Add to iTunes | Add to YouTube | Add to Google | RSS Feed While my new iPhone 3G S was syncing for the first time, I decided to talk to all of you about.

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PicCard for iPhone

No matter how much we rely on text messages, e-mail and Twitter updates these days, sometimes it's still nice to get something in the mail from a friend or ...

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Get the most out of your iPhone battery

by David Martin A number of complaints regarding the iPhone 3GS' battery have surfaced on Apple's discussion board since the handset's June 19 launch. ...

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