iPhone 4.0 to include background apps?

Sources tell AppleInsider that Apple has developed a “full-on solution” to multitasking on the iPhone OS and that the feature will be released as iPhone 4.0 ...

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Apple lovers, rejoice: iPhone magnets for the fridge

by Don Reisinger If you're an Apple fan with a particular love for all things iPhone, you'll want to check out Jailbreak Toys' new App Magnets

The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss on your iPhone

The classic book, The Cat in the Hat, by Dr. Seuss is now coming to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

iPhone users mourn AT&T's loss of NFL

ZDNet (blog)
Verizon Wireless announced that it has signed a four-year exclusive contract with the National Football League. The National Football League (NFL) has ...

Kings Of Leon Take 'Revenge' On iPhone Gamers

by David J.

Groupon on your iPhone

By Michael Oneal | Groupon, the Chicago-based coupon Web site, launched a new iPhone application Thursday. The app will allow Groupon users to tap the ...

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Review: Street Fighter IV iPhone

When it comes to fighting games, Street Fighter has always been the pinnacle series for both casual and hardcore gaming fans. Street Fighter IV was released ...

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iPhone OS 4.0 Reported To Feature Multitasking

Today AppleInsider reports that people familiar with Apple's plans have confirmed that iPhone OS 4.0 will include multitasking. Its sources claim that Apple ...

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iPhone 4.0 Firmware to Bring Multiasking This Summer? - iPhone 4.0 ...

According to AppleInsider sources, iPhone firmware 4.0 will bring multitasking to the platform this summer. And it may look at lot like Exposé.

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Updates to the iPhone mobile authenticator

Normally we don't get too excited over updates to the Battle.net Mobile Authenticator, but reader El Oreo brought the most recent update to our attention. Version 1.1.0 of the iPhone version of the mobile authenticator contains the ...

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