One path to magazines on the iPhone: Pixel Mags

As the attention of the Apple-loving world turns to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts later today, there are plenty of expectations that print publishers -- newspapers, magazines and textbooks -- will play a huge role in the new world ...

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Griffin PowerJolt Reserve Backup Battery for iPhone and iPod touch

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The Griffin PowerJolt Reserve Backup Battery [

iPhone developer Web site unavailable prior to Apple event [u]

By AppleInsider Staff Providing even more evidence that an updated iPhone OS could be revealed at Apple's event later today, the company has taken its ...

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AT&T promises network improvements for Apple iPhone users
By Claudi

Google Voice on the iPhone: What You Can't Do

Yes, Google Voice for the iPhone is finally here, albeit as a Web app, allowing you to place calls from your Google Voice number, send free text messages ...

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Google Goes for Browser-based Voice for iPhone

Six months after Google said that Apple rejected a Google Voice app for the iPhone (Apple maintained that the app ...

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CHART OF THE DAY: Apple, The iPhone Company

iPhone revenue beat out the Mac and iPod businesses last quarter by more than $1 billion each.

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Found footage: iPhone + Arduino + Heartrate Monitor = HumanAPI

HumanApi, Sports ECG in real life from uxebu on Vimeo. iPhone hobbyist Nikolai Onken has been hard at work putting together what he calls the Human API. He wants to explore how real life can be the source of data that can be gathered ...

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New Tablet/iPhone OS hint in all-new Devs agreement? | 9 to 5 Mac

Here's a little tablet teaser - some may have noticed Apple's iPhone Dev site blipped out briefly for updating yesterday - and it looks like the new Apple device will indeed support some form of iPhone OS,judging from a rare blunder in ...

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Google Voice app for the Iphone released

By Nick Farrell CLOUD COMPUTING ENTREPRENEUR Google has released a web version of its Google Voice app for the Iphone, which will allow users to make cheap ...

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