Massucci's Take: BlackBerry beats iPhone in smash 'em up road test ...

About a week ago, my iPhone and my BlackBerry flew off the roof of my car as I drove down a New Jersey road at about 35 miles per hour. As I looked in my rear view mirror and saw my beige canvas bag flying from my car to the road below, ...

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iPhone Owners Would Like to Replace Battery, AT&T | John ...

According to a new survey from ChangeWave, owners of Apple's new iPhone 3GS are quite happy with the device. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the AT&T service that accompanies it. Asked what they dislike most about the iPhone, ...

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iPhone's Sonar Ruler App Measures Distance Using Sound - sonar ...

Here's a cool trick: the new Sonar Ruler app uses the iPhone's speaker to send out a short click and then measures how long it takes for the sound to bounce off a surface. It then tells you the distance.

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Apple reconsiders rejected iPhone apps, C64 emulator on the way?

We're always a little hesitant to get too optimistic about changes to the App Store approval process, but it looks like there's been a few hopeful changes to the way things are done in the past few days, which could well lead to some ...

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AT&T Says Had No Role in iPhone Google App Rejection

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - AT&T Inc, the exclusive carrier for the iPhone, on Friday said it played no role in a decision by Apple Inc to reject Google Inc's ...

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New-Look Facebook App is Ready to Storm the iPhone

By Geoff Spick | Aug 21, 2009 As the battle for soc

Jordan Palmer Helping Players Develop iPhone Apps

ABC News
By JOE KAY AP Sports Writer AP A small icon of Chad Ochocinco's smiling face is the doorway to the receiver's latest media venture.

Plants vs Zombies in stores, coming to XBL & iPhone

PopCap is pushing its hit Plants vs. Zombies to new venues, with the game now officially in stores and an announcement that the title is coming to Xbox 360s ...

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Sirius XM to Introduce iPhone and iPod Satellite Radio Dock

Wired Blogs
By Priya Ganapati Sirius XM, the satellite radio service provider, is set to introduce a satellite radio dock called XM SkyDock for the iPhon

Vonage CEO sees no reason for iPhone Google Voice rejection

The US telecom regulator FCC has been looking into why Apple rejected an Internet telephony application from Google for inclusion in its iPhone application ...

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