Most iPhone Users Unhappy With AT&T

The results of a recent survey from ChangeWave Research should surprise no one: While the overwhelming majority of iPhone users approve of their phones ...

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Apple Hit With $2 Million iPhone Suit

By Paul McDougall A photographer claims Apple stole one of his images to help promote a mobile app that allows users to search for television programs and ...

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Plants vs. Zombies coming to iPhone in late 2009

Plants vs. Zombies by PopCap Games is an incredibly fun, bordering on addictive, downloadable video game. It is cute without being "cutesy" and is ...

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Is The iPhone Mom The New Soccer Mom?

According to a recent study done by mobile ad network Greystripe, there's a relatively new mobile advertising demographic on the street: iPhone moms. ...

TechCrunch -

Mario Mini Mushroom iPhone Cases | Geeky Gadgets

This fun iPhone case measure 3.18 inches wide by 4.75 inches long, and features three fun Mario mushrooms on the front, a blue one, red and green one, and it will fit the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch.

Geeky-Gadgets -

New iPhone Navigation Programs Take Several Wrong Turns

By Rob Pegoraro Did the developers get lost along the way? You might want to ask that after spending time with TomTom and Navigon's new turn-by-by-turn ...

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1080P on iPhone 3GS? Maybe, maybe not. | 9 to 5 Mac

There have been many reports today of an iPhone doing 1080P video. Engadget even tested the claims (below) by playing a 1080P movie on the iPhone 3GS's 480x320 screen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. ...

9 to 5 Mac - Apple Intelligence -

Sirius XM iPhone Dock Could Turn Every Phone Into A Satellite ...

One of many interesting ways that companies can leverage Apple's new iPhone accessory features.

The Business Insider: iPhone -

Geek Eye Candy: HD Video on the iPhone 3GS

In iPhone 3GS, the S stands for speed. Among other things, it means a faster processor, but up until now, no one was really sure if the iPhone 3GS is.

Mashable! -

iPhone Owners: Do You Think AT&T Is Doing Better?

Techcrunch's MG Siegler wrote a couple of days ago that he's getting better 3G service from AT&T for his iPhone. I'm hoping to get a slightly more detailed ...

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