Geek In Disguise : Sky+ on iPhone

Another victory for the iPhone today courtesy of Sky and their simple yet efiicient Sky+ app. I was running late at brunch and worried I'd miss the British F1 Grand Prix….plus I'd forgotten to set my Sky box to record it.

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Just Mobile Xtand: iPhone Accessory Review | iPhone World

iPhone Accessory Review: Just Mobile Xtand Reviewed by: Cyprian Peters -Official website. Price: $39.99. reviewsilver1. A stand is a handy thing to have. It props your iPhone up at your computer so you can see all incoming ... iPhone News Headlines -

Gizmodo - Apple Giving $30 iTunes Credit For iPhone 3GS Activation ...

Following iPhone 3GS/AT&T activation delays that were in some cases 48 hours long, Apple has allegedly responded with a $30 "We're sorry" gift that will be good at the iTunes Store on Monday.

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Digital City No. 37: iPhone 3Gs vs. Palm Pre vs. the RIAA vs ...

by Dan Ackerman Episode 37of the Digital City, where we discuss the new Apple iPhone 3Gs and the Palm Pre; the best of E3, according to Nielson; ...

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Apple's $30 apology for iPhone activation delays

by Steven Musil Apple is offering iPhone 3G S customers a $30 iTunes Store credit for delays they experienced trying to activation their new smartphones. ...

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PalmAddicts: iPhone 3G S and Pre head-to-head benchmarks: iPhone wins

[From Hans] In a head to ahead with the iPhone 3G S, the Palm Pre came second in terms of website opening speed. "Now that we know the iPhone 3G S and the Palm Pre share extremely similar 65nm ARM...

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Samsung Impression Vs. Iphone? | Verified Website - Verify your ...

I'm due to get a phone upgrade tomorrow, and I've been waiting for a while because I currently have the Samsung a737 and the keypad has fallen off. After.

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PwnageTool 3.0 and other iPhone Dev-Team tools have been released ...

The iPhone Dev-Team are the developers behind each successive Jailbreak, Activation and Unlock procedure for the iPhone.

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blackrimglasses - Thoughts on the iPhone 3GS

Thoughts on the iPhone 3GS. I've had the iPhone 3GS for a few days now and have been using it extensively around the house and around when we leave the house (not too often right now with a newborn). Because we just had a baby I've also ...

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Gokivo iPhone GPS Application

Gokivo Navigator is the iPhone GPS Apps (compatible with iPhone 3.0 firmware) developed by NIM (Networks in Motion) that has include Yahoo local search,

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