First music video shot on iPhone 3GS? Reyna Perez, "Love Love Love ...

Ari Kuschnir of m ss ng p eces has co-directed what I am fairly certain is the first "pro" music video shot entirely on the new iphone 3GS: "Love Love Love," by Reyna Perez. My capsule review: I love love love. About the artist, and the ...

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Is The iPhone The Key To The Future Of Video Chat? : iSmashPhone

Imagine walking down the street and being able to share what you see with another person, live. Now imagine video chatting with them at the same time, all on your iPhone.

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Justice Department to Investigate AT&T-iPhone Exclusivity?

In just three years, Apple's iPhone has cornered a huge chunk of the smartphone market, and it continues to gain momentum at a rapid pace. But while the iPhone.

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OWLE: A Mount That Turns Your iPhone 3GS Into A Mobile Video Workhorse

We've made no secret of our admiration of the iPhone 3GS's video capabilities — Apple has managed to integrate a video camera that's ...

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Gizmodo iPhone 3GS Unlocked with Purplera1n + UltraSn0w Iphone 3gs ...

Good times! It looks like Dev Team's UltraSn0w unlock works with an iPhone 3GS that's been jailbroken via purplera1n. But be warned: Some users are ...

Get a (down)load of these addictive iPhone apps

By Marc Saltzman, Special for USA TODAY iPhone owners looking to spice up their summer can find more than 50000 applications at Apple's popular App Store. ...

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Some iPhone owners crave freedom

By Leslie Cauley, USA TODAY Who really controls your Apple iPhone? If you think you do, think again. AT&T, the US distributor, requires iPhone owners to use ...

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Mophie Cures iPhone Battery Woes

(07-06) 07:34 PDT -- A couple weeks ago, I wrote a critical post about, among other things, of the iPhone's battery life. Since then, reports have poured in ...

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The 411: Pre vs. iphone, Limited Bluetooth, and Amazon deals

by Nicole Lee Welcome to the 411, my new Q&A column answering all your questions about cell phones and cell phone accessories.

Want an iPhone? Check if It's In Stock First

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By Azadeh Ensha If you're in the market for an iPhone 3GS an

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